Given the chord length of equal angle isn’t equal on elliptical section of piston skirt with middle-bulged varying ellipse (PSMVE), a larger theoretical processing error will inevitably be introduced with the interpolation algorithm of equal angle for PSMVE. To improve the manufacturing precision of PSMVE, a novel interpolation algorithm of equal-length-chord and spiral-line (IAES) and a method of tool radius compensation are presented based on symbolic computation. Firstly, a three-dimensional model of PSMVE is generated through the symbolic computation method, meanwhile, the coordinate values of arbitrary cutter-contact point can be expressed accurately. Secondly, the turning spiral trajectory is generated via updated cutter-contact point which can be searched from the obtained cutter-contact point with equal length chord. Besides, this paper proposes a method of tool radius compensation and obtains the cutter location points through appropriate transformation of coordinates. Last, some simulation, which mainly includes the establishment of 3D model, the generation of spiral trajectory with equal-length-chord, the transformation between cutter-contact point and cutter-location points, is carried out. In addition, this paper takes CNC turning center (System: SINUMERIK 802C) as an example to complete the processing of PSMVE. Experiment results verify that the machining method is appropriate for PSMVE.

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