Cloud manufacturing is a novel service-oriented networked manufacturing paradigm for the manufacturing industry. Through aggregating distributed manufacturing resources from different enterprises and transforming them into services, cloud manufacturing is able to provide on-demand manufacturing services to customers. Scheduling, including resource scheduling and task scheduling, is a critical instrument for achieving on-demand service provisioning, and also an important research issue in cloud manufacturing. In the process of service scheduling in cloud manufacturing, the manufacturing services are firstly matched according to the service demander’s functional requirements and service availability to form the candidate service sets. And then the optimized service scheduling scheme is generated according to the service demander’s non-functional requirements. The individual requirements of service demanders are analyzed from aspects of functional and non-functional requirements in this paper. On this basis, the scheduling process for individual requirements in cloud manufacturing system is studied and a cloud manufacturing service scheduling method is proposed. This work can provide support and foundation for the related research of task planning and scheduling in cloud manufacturing system. Finally, a case study is given to verify the proposed service scheduling method.

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