Cloud manufacturing (CMfg) aims to realize the full-scale sharing, free circulation and transaction, and on-demand use of various manufacturing resources and capabilities in the form of manufacturing services. During the whole product life-cycle, the number of manufacturing services is huge, and services are highly dynamic and changeful. Without the effective operation and technical support of manufacturing service management, the implementation and aim of CMfg could not be achieved. In this paper, a multi-layer model of manufacturing service is proposed for a job shop in cloud manufacturing, in order to solve the description problem of different manufacturing services from different level view, e.g. machine level, process level and shop level. Consequently, a hypergraph-based network model of manufacturing service is developed, so as to facilitate the management of different services during the whole production process in job shop. A case study and some applications of the proposed model for supporting the manufacturing services management to practical manufacturing system are studied, to demonstrate the feasibility and efficiency of such model.

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