With the development of information and computer network technology, cloud manufacturing has been developing rapidly, industrial robots (IRs) as a vital symbol and an advanced technology of manufacturing industry, in scheduling service, the constantly changing information data will result in the corresponding vary of the manufacturing capability. Under a fixed constraint of some capability service request, this will decrease the number of the optimal solutions and provide the inaccurate service to users. So it is important to make the manufacturing capability stable and obtain more optimal solutions to satisfy the constraint, thus the dynamic assessment of manufacturing capability based on information feedback is investigated in this paper. A set of indicators is established considering the IRs’ manufacturing capability and a new dynamic assessment model is proposed to achieve the actual data and the expected data information feedback, using the “normal distribution” model, which can correct the assessment weight. By the way, a case study is simulated in the MATLAB, which shows the reliability and reasonability of this method in evaluate the manufacturing capability in IR.

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