Graphene possesses many outstanding properties, such as high strengths, light weight, making it an ideal reinforcement for metal matrix composite (MMCs). Meanwhile, fabricating MMCs through laser assisted additive manufacturing (LAAM) has attracted much attention in recent years due to the advantages of low waste, high precision, short production lead time, and high flexibility. In this study, graphene reinforced aluminum alloy AlSi10Mg is fabricated using selective laser melting. Composite powder is prepared using high-energy ball milling. Room temperature tensile tests are conducted to evaluate the tensile properties. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observations are conducted to investigate the microstructure and fracture surface of obtain composite. It is found that adding GNPs significantly increases porosity and therefore deteriorates material tensile performance. The relationship between porosity and material strength are numerically investigated. Taking into consideration the strength reduction caused by large porosity, the strengthening effect of GNPs turns out to be significant, which reaches 60.2 MPa.

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