This paper presents graphene growth on Pt deposited on four different adhesion layers such as Ti, Cr, Ta, and Ni. During the graphene growth at 1000 °C using conventional Chemical Vapor Deposition method, these adhesion layers diffuse into and alloy with Pt layer resulting graphene to grow on different alloys. Therefore, Pt layer on different adhesion layers induces different quality and number of layer(s) of graphene grown on the film. Monolayer graphene was produced on majority of metal layers except on Pt/Ta layer where bilayer graphene is observed. The lowest defects were found on graphene grown on Pt/Ni film where slightly higher number of wrinkles are observed compared to other alloys. We characterized graphene using SEM images of transferred graphene, of Pt grains after the growth of graphene, and of in-depth profiles of thin film via TOF-SIMS. Our paper states feasibility of graphene growth on Pt thin film on various adhesion layers and obstacles to overcome to enhance graphene transfer from Pt thin film. We address one of the major difficulties of graphene growth and transfer to implement graphene in NEMS/MEMS devices.

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