Here we present the design and manufacture of a simulated middle cerebral artery for neurosurgeons to practice brain aneurysm surgical procedures. The middle cerebral artery made of silicone is hollow with anatomically accurate features (including the aneurysm) based on the patient geometry found via computed tomography. A five-step fabrication technique was developed to (1) 3D-print the positive shape of the middle cerebral artery, (2) submerge the vessel in silicone to create a mold of the negative shape of the vessel, (3) fill the silicone mold with low melting temperature metal to create a positive cast of the vessel, (4) coat the investment with silicone, and (5) remove the metal with hot water to create the hollow middle cerebral artery. This vessel has been evaluated by neurosurgeons and demonstrated to be feasible for brain aneurysm clinical simulations.

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