The mechanical and microstructural properties of FV520B martensitic stainless steel fabricated by laser hot-wire deposition are presented. An investigation based on experimental method was conducted to analyze the development of microstructure and microhardness under multiple laser heating. Multiple layers were cladded on the surface of martensitic stainless steel FV520B by fiber laser. A defect-free and high forming quality coatings were obtained. The microstructure of clad layer and heat affected zone was characterized using an optical microscope, SEM and EBSD. The gradient microhardness from the cladding layer to the substrate was tested. Subsequently, the effect of thermal history under multi-layer laser heating on the microstructure and microhardness was analyzed. Results indicate that the hardening trend in the coating/substrate interface and softening trend in the heat affected zone under laser heating. The tempering effect of the following-layer laser heating facilitates the reprecipitation of the hardening phases in heat affected zone.

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