Mimicking the unique hierarchical, multiscale structures of natural biological materials is a promising approach to create novel materials with outstanding properties. One of the challenges, however, is the lack of scalable fabrication methods capable of making such complex structures. In this study, a multilayer nanocomposite has been synthesized by incorporating an ultrasonic spray deposition technique. The spray deposition system was used to deposit nanoparticles on substrate foils, which were consolidated to synthesize the multilayer composite. A patterned mask was used to create micro-patterns with nanoscale structures. A magnesium alloy, AZ31, foils were used as the matrix material. A mixture of nano-silicon carbide (nano-SiC) and aluminum alloy, Al6061, particles was used as the reinforcement phase in the deposited patterns. A three point bend test and a small punch test were carried out to evaluate the mechanical properties. A multilayer composite consisting of circular micro-patterns with SiC nano-structure was successfully created. The patterned composite showed an enhancement in the flexural yield strength and the flexural ultimate strength of 43% and 30% respectively, compared with the uniform multilayer composite without the patterns.

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