Metal components produced by additive manufacturing processes usually have inferior properties and performances as compared with the counterparts by the traditional forming and machining processes. To close the gap, the metal matrix can be strengthened by adding reinforcement particles in additive manufacturing processes. This research presents the fabrication of nano-TiC reinforced Inconel 718 composites using selective laser melting (SLM). Tensile and wear performance tests are conducted to evaluate the mechanical properties of the formed composites. It is discovered that the composites exhibit improved mechanical properties in terms of ultimate tensile strength and yield stress. Compared with the pure Inconel 718 specimens by SLM, the ultimate tensile strength and yield stress of the reinforced Inconel 718 increase by 207 MPa and 204 MPa, respectively, with 0.5 wt.% addition of nano-TiC particle. Smaller increases are observed with 0.25 wt.% and 1.0 wt.% nano-TiC additions. On the other hand, the addition of nano-TiC particles decreases the ductility of Inconel 718. To investigate the strengthening mechanism of nano reinforcement particles in SLM, the microstructures with different levels of nano-TiC particles are observed. The results indicate that the microstructure of Inconel 718 is remarkably refined by the TiC particles, and the reinforcement particle significantly impede the growth of columnar grain in the solidification process.

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