Data communication through metallic structures is generally encountered in manufacturing equipment and process monitoring and control. This paper presents a signal processing technique for enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio and high-bit data transmission rate in ultrasound-based wireless data transmission through metallic structures. A multi-carrier coded-ultrasonic wave modulation scheme is firstly investigated to achieve high-bit data rate communication while reducing inter-symbol inference and data loss, due to the inherent signal attenuation, wave diffraction and reflection in metallic structures. To improve the signal-to-noise ratio, dual-tree wavelet packet transform (DT-WPT) has been investigated to separate multi-carrier signals under noise contamination, given its properties of shift-invariance and flexible time frequency partitioning. A new envelope extraction and threshold setting strategy for selected wavelet coefficients is then introduced to retrieve the coded digital information. Experimental studies are performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the developed signal processing method for manufacturing.

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