This is the Part II of a two-part series numerical study which investigates the improvement of surface integrity of AZ31B-O magnesium (Mg) alloy by cryogenic cutting. In Part I, material constitutive behavior and grain refinement mechanism of AZ31B-O Mg alloy under cryogenic cutting conditions were modeled based on both slip and twinning mechanisms. In this study, the material model is implemented in the two-pass cryogenic cutting finite element simulations using a commercial machining simulation software package of AdvantEdge 6.4. The microstructural evolution by nanocrystalline grain refinement and other improvement of the surface integrity of AZ31B-O Mg alloy after cryogenic cutting are simulated. With quantitative assessments, simulation results are further discussed in grain refinement, microhardness change, residual stress, and slip/twinning mechanism in the machined surface of Mg alloy by cryogenic cutting. The results show that the surface integrity of Mg components can be significantly improved by using cryogenic cooling and a larger tool edge radius.

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