Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have very high specific strength and stiffness. The excellent properties make it possible to enhance the mechanical properties of polymer matrix composites. However, it is difficult to use CNTs as the reinforcement of long fibers because of the limitation of CNT growth. In recent years, a method to spin yarns from CNT forests has developed. We have succeeded in manufacturing the unidirectional composites reinforced with the densified untwisted CNT yarns. The untwisted CNT yarns have been manufactured by drawing CNTs through a die from vertically aligned CNT arrays. In this study, the densified untwisted CNT yarns with a polymer treatment were fabricated. The tensile strength and the elastic modulus of the yarns were improved significantly by the treatment, and they were 1.9 GPa and 140 GPa, respectively. Moreover, the polymer treatment prevented the CNT yarns from swelling due to impregnation of the matrix resin. Finally, the high strength CNT yarn composites which have higher volume fraction than a conventional method were successfully fabricated.

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