In this article, the effects of nanoclay (CN) on the rheological behavior of polylactic acid (PLA)/polyhydroxybutyrate–valerate (PHBV) blends was investigated. The rheological behavior of PLA/PHBV blends showed a Newtonian plateau that converted to strong shear thinning behavior over the full range of frequency by the incorporation of nanoclay. The results indicate that the storage modulus and complex viscosity of PLA/PHBV blends were sensitive to nanofillers. An obvious pseudo-solid-like behavior over a wide range of frequency in PLA/PHBV/CN nanocomposites showed that the strong interaction between the PLA/PHBV blend and the nanoclay restricted the relaxation process of the polymer chains. Therefore, the PLA/PHBV/CN nanocomposites possess a higher modulus and greater melt strength, which are desirable for creating an improved foamed structure when manufactured via microcellular injection molding.

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