Application of electrochemical methods for micro repair is being researched. A liquid marble is a liquid droplet coated with hydrophobic micro or nano powders. When the liquid used is a suitable electrolyte, it can be used for localized electrochemical deposition (LECD) which is in turn used for micro repair. Though the feasibility of this process is already established, the properties of the deposit with respect to the metal substrate has to be studied. Corrosion is an important property that can vary between two metals. An immersion corrosion test is performed on a substrates having micro spots made using LECD using 5% NaCl for 240 hours. The results are compared with specimens of the same dimension which underwent the same corrosion testing process. It was found that the micro deposits did not affect the corrosion rate significantly and therefore localized electro deposition using liquid marbles may be considered as a potential method for micro repair.

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