In spite of its inherent advantages as a manufacturing tool, water-jet has not been extensively applied to the field of micro-manufacturing due to its low tolerance and poor control of the position of jet impingement. This paper explores the possibility of using the phenomenon of liquid dielectrophoresis to deflect and control the trajectory of a water jet in air. An approach is suggested using a localized non-uniform static electric field over a micro water jet with diameters in the range of 25–100 micrometers. The water jet has been modelled as a thin dielectric column and the numerical analysis of the electric field distribution has been carried out using COMSOL to analyze the generated forces and predict the scale of deflection of the jet. This unique approach of harnessing the polar nature of water using the phenomenon of dielectrophoresis might be useful in achieving fine control of the water jet’s trajectory especially in micro water jet material processing.

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