Servo actuated presses can provide maximum pressing force at any slide position in the same manner that hydraulic presses do, while offering several benefits in terms of precision, energy conversion efficiency and simplicity due to their lack of hydraulic circuitry and oil. Several press builders have developed electric-spindle actuated presses; however, issues relating to multi-axis architecture have been neglected. The present study proposes an innovative method of avoiding overconstrained architecture by implementing a kinematic mechanism that connects multiple servo axes to one slide. Servo axis design is developed by creating a dynamic model of a kinematic chain composed of a servo-motor, gearbox reducer and ball screw transmission. A study of a biaxial industrial servo press prototype with non-overconstrained architecture, currently under construction, is presented as proof of concept. It is shown that such a non-overconstrained multi-axis press can be constructed from commercially available components, achieving high energy efficiency at high load with relatively simple construction.

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