The objective of this research is the development of condition diagnosis model for injection molding process based on wavelet packet decomposition (WPD), feature extraction from cavity pressure, nozzle pressure and screw position signals and probability neural network (PNN) method. The node energies from the WPD of cavity and nozzle pressure signals are identified. In addition, five (5), seven (7) and two (2) critical features are extracted from the cavity pressure, nozzle pressure and screw position signals via the new feature extraction algorithm. The node energies and critical features are input to the PNN based condition diagnosis model for the injection modeling process. A series of injection modeling experiments are conducted and their results are used to validate the model. It is demonstrated that the proposed model is applicable to diagnose the injection molding process conditions. In particular, it is also shown that the utilization of cavity pressure and screw position signals in the model can result in higher diagnosis accuracy from the case studies.

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