Cloud manufacturing has been considered as a promising new service-oriented manufacturing paradigm that can transform traditional industry. However security is one of the major issues which hamper the growth of cloud manufacturing industry. In this paper, we analyze the cloud manufacturing security issues and challenges, and propose a security framework for cloud manufacturing, which includes four levels: infrastructure security, identity and access management, data protection and security, and cloud security as a service. The Infrastructure security level can ensure an organization’s core IT infrastructure security at the network, host, and application levels; Identity and access management level can improve operational efficiency and to comply with privacy and data protection requirements; Data protection and security level can help users evaluate their data security scenarios and make informed judgments regarding risk for their organizations; security as a service level, which includes web security service, storage security service and IAM(Identity and Access Management) service, would extract security functions and capacities to assemble software as a service. The cloud manufacturing security framework we proposed can resolve the security issues and improve the security performance of cloud manufacturing industry.

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