Facing technological innovation and structural transformation challenges in depth development of China’s manufacturing industry, the concept of cloud manufacturing (CMfg) was proposed and got government’s support. This paper reviews the development status of CMfg in China. On the one hand, a number of research institutions studied systematically on theories and key technologies of CMfg, such as application patterns and platform architectures, resource matching, service composition and sharing, manufacturing cloud integrated management, etc. And on the other hand, some cloud manufacturing service platforms were build and applied in small and medium-sized enterprises and group enterprises, such as group enterprise CMfg service platform for the complicated aerospace products, CMfg service platform of aerospace technology group, group enterprise CMfg service platform for manufacturing and management, cloud application in growing enterprise management informatization, CMfg service platform for mould and flexible material industry, CMfg service platform for new product R&D of car parts, CMfg service platform for steel industry chain collaboration, CMfg service platform for mould industry in Ningbo, etc.

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