Reinforcement with nano-sized particles offers a promising potential to significantly enhance the mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of a metal matrix composite (MMC). One of the challenges of synthesizing nanocomposites, however, has been the dispersion and control of the nano-reinforcement materials. In this study, a laminate nanocomposite has been synthesized by incorporating ultrasonic spray deposition technique. An ultrasonic spray deposition system was used to deposit nano-particles on substrate foils, which were consolidated to synthesize a laminate composite. Aluminum 6061 (Al6061) alloy foils were used as the matrix material. Nano-silicon carbide (SiC) particles were used as the reinforcement phase (deposited layer). The sprayed foils were stacked together to form the composite. The composite was then consolidated by hot compaction in the semi-solid regime of the Al6061. A three point bend test was carried out to evaluate the mechanical properties. In addition, the suspension and spraying parameters that control the deposited microstructure was studied to help control the final properties of the deposited structure. The yield and ultimate flexural strength of the SiC sprayed Al6061 laminate composite showed an increase (32% and 15%, respectively) compared with that of the unsprayed sample (reference sample) processed at the same condition.

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