In the traditional molding process of laminated carbon fiber reinforced C/C composites - preform, it always causes great damage to a high modulus carbon fiber. Research about key factors for jet puncture in multilayer composite material is proposed in this paper. With the method, carbon fiber is added into the laminating direction of high-modulus carbon cloth by using jet method, so the preform is combined together to improve interlayer fiber connection strength in laminating direction (Z direction). Firstly, the key factors in jet puncture process are investigated. Parameter optimization and dynamic modeling of jet process have been studied to explore the mechanism of jet puncture process. Then a fluid simulation is conducted by studying the formation and distribution of diffusion flow field, jet resistance, penetration ability and jet kinetic energy loss. Finally, the fluid software is used to simulate and obtain the optimal structure of carbon cloth and the nozzle. It is expected that this paper can provide a new and effective approach for Z-puncture reinforcement fibers of laminated composite materials.

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