The use of recyclable materials has become an important trend in all activity areas, reason why material based on liquid wood called Arbofill, Arboblend and Arboform will replace plastic in different applications in the near future. The new materials are the main substances that have an important effect on company development and require some simple or complex manufacturing technologies. In case of Arboform L, V3 Nature the injected parts can be obtained using the same injection machines used for the injection of plastic materials. The technological injection parameters, such as: injection pressure, injection time, cooling time, mold temperature, etc., are different. The experimental research focused on tensile strength, friction coefficients, SEM analysis, XRD analysis and EDAX analysis. Considering all of these experimental results the Arboform L, V3 Nature reinforced with aramid fibers could replace the following plastic materials PA12, PVDF, ECTFE, PA66, PA12, PC, PP, PP GF 30, etc. Also taking into account all the results obtained, this material can replace plastic materials in many applications, such as: ornaments, including for cars, connectors, switches etc., electrical industry, different mobile accessories, computers, televisions, mobile phone cases, etc. The material obtained from Arboform reinforced with aramid fibers (5% percent) improved the injection process despite of easy decreasing of mechanical properties.

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