Graphene is a promising material as a reinforcing element for high-strength, lightweight metal composites due to its extraordinary mechanical properties and low density. In this study, Al6061–graphene composite was investigated with 1.0 wt.% graphene reinforcement. The graphene was manufactured by the modified Brodie’s method. The Al6061 powder and graphene flakes were ball milled at different milling times (10, 30, 60, and 90 min). The composite was then synthesized by hot compaction in the semi-solid regime of the Al6061. Three point bending test was performed to characterize the mechanical properties of the composites. The ball milled powder and the fracture surfaces of the composites were investigated using the scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results were compared with a reference Al6061 without any graphene reinforcement. For the Al6061-1.0 wt.% graphene composites, a maximum enhancement of 47% in the flexural strength was observed when compared with the reference Al6061 processed at the same condition.

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