A reconfigurable gear machining numerical control system (NC/CNC) architecture is proposed in this paper. The CNC platform can be quickly applied to gear hobbing, shaping, milling and grinding machine, through simple reconfiguring or parameter setting. Parametric automatic programming technology, high speed and high precision electronic gearbox, process database technology are studied. Based on the analysis of the gear machining process, the mathematic model on automatic programming of gear machining is established. Based on the Windows CE operating system, the CNC gear machining automatic programming system is developed on the ARM+DSP hardware platform, including the design of human-machine interface, automatic programming algorithm and other modules. With the support of the automatic programming and process database modules, NC codes can be generated automatically just by inputting gear parameters, tool parameters and process parameters, then, the interpolation data structure can be generated by interpreter module. A new kind of software electronic gearbox (EGB) and its implementation methods are also researched in the embedded CNC. Data flow among the modules is analyzed. Finally, experiments are conducted, and the tracking error and contour error are analyzed. The results show that the proposed gear machining CNC architecture is effective.

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