GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), traditionally used for 3D graphics calculations, have recently got an ability to perform general purpose calculations with a GPGPU (General Purpose GPU) technology. Moreover, GPUs can be much faster than CPUs (Central Processing Units) by performing hundreds or even thousands commands concurrently. This parallel processing allows the GPU achieving the extremely high performance but also requires using only highly parallel algorithms which can provide enough commands on each clock cycle.

This work formulates a methodology for selection of a right geometry representation and a data structure suitable for parallel processing on GPU. Then the methodology is used for designing the 3-axis CNC milling simulation algorithm accelerated with the GPGPU technology. The developed algorithm is validated by performing an experimental machining simulation and evaluation of the performance results.

The experimental simulation shows an importance of an optimization process and usage of algorithms that provide enough work to GPU. The used test configuration also demonstrates almost an order of magnitude difference between CPU and GPU performance results.

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