This work describes recent advances in our understanding of sheet metal behavior during electro-hydraulic forming (EHF) process. Two sets of experiments were performed using AA5182-O Al sheet material. In the first set, 1 mm thick sheet samples were subjected to a single pressure-pulse or two consecutive pressure-pulses with the deformation being carried out under free-forming or inside a conical die. In the second set of experiments employing 2 mm sheet samples, a circular region at the center of the sheet was pre-thinned to 1 mm thickness and the sheet was subjected to a single pressure-pulse under free-forming conditions. The sheet deformation history for both sets of experiments was quantified using a recently developed technique that combines high-speed imaging and the digital image correlation (DIC) techniques. The results from the first set of experiments show that the manner in which the discharge is created can influence the strain-rates and hence, the deformation history experienced by the sheet materials. The results of the multi-pulse experiments demonstrate the applicability of the EHF technique for re-strike operations. The results from the second set of experiments show that the pre-thinned region is analogous to a reduced gauge section with the resulting strain-rate (in the pre-thinned region) exceeding that in the adjacent homogeneous sheet by more than 50%.

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