The purpose of this paper is to present a direct digital manufacturing (DDM) process that is an order of magnitude faster than other DDM processes currently available. The developed process is based on a mask-image-projection-based Stereolithography process (MIP-SL), during which a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) controlled projection light cures and cross-links liquid photopolymer resin. In order to achieve high-speed fabrication, we investigated the bottom-up projection system in the MIP-SL process. A set of techniques including film coating and the combination of two-way linear motions have been developed for the quick spreading of liquid resin into uniform thin layers. The process parameters and related settings to achieve the fabrication speed of a few seconds per layer are presented. Additionally, the hardware, software, and material setups developed for fabricating given three-dimensional (3D) digital models are presented. Experimental studies using the developed testbed have been performed to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of the presented fast MIP-SL process. The test results illustrate that the newly developed process can build a moderately sized part within minutes instead of hours that are typically required.

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