Results from a previous study have shown that a newly developed beveled shearing process is able to improve the quality of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) sheared edges and their edge stretchability. The objective of the current study is to further investigate and validate this phenomenon and to develop robust shearing conditions for improving the AHSS sheared edge stretchability. A straight edge shearing device with the capability of adjusting the shearing variables is used in this study. Two different advanced high strength steel grades, DP600 and DP980, with similar thicknesses are selected to assess the edge condition using various shearing variables. The edge stretchability of the straight edge sheared specimen is evaluated using the sheared edge tension test and a half specimen dome test. It was discovered that an optimal selection of the die clearance and other shearing variables would result in a less damaged sheared edge which would greatly delay edge fracture in the forming process and increase the edge stretchability of AHSS.

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