Inspired by the idea of vibro-mechanical texturing, which adds a tertiary motion to the tool tip in the conventional turning process, and the elliptical vibration cutting process, which adds vibrations both in the cutting direction and feed direction, this paper proposes a new design for an ultrasonic vibrator for the elliptical vibration texturing process. The elliptical locus lies in the plane that is defined by the cutting and the radial directions. The device could be easily adapted for elliptical cutting applications by changing the orientation of the tool tip. The vibrator works in the resonant mode, with in-phase and anti-phase vibration modes at a nearly identical natural frequency. Simulations and experiments have been carried out to study and verify different vibration modes of the system. Different design parameters have been analyzed to control the elliptical trajectory of the tool tip. A set of preliminary experimental result of elliptical vibration texturing is also provided.

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