This paper presents the integration and implementation of automated processes, based on the sequence control specifications and requirements of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems to create a virtual test environment using a software simulation tool, PLCStudio. In order to meet the demands of the new manufacturing paradigm, PLCStudio is being designed as a next generation tool for digital production. This production solution set represents an integrated suite that provides manufacturing process design, tool and fixture design, factory and production systems design, visualization, and automation through 3D virtual simulation tools. The significant effect and benefit for the manufacturer from such a suite of tools would be a substantial reduction to the manufacturing lifecycle. This includes reduction of the assembly time and cut-down on the cost for a process development through the virtual validation and commissioning of production systems. In this paper, a process with quantifiable goals and efficiencies utilizing a robot and other devices is developed. PLCStudio is used to model the process. PLC logic control is developed to control the system and tested virtually using PLCStudio before it is used in a full scale physical test.

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