Microchannel arrays are being developed across a wide spectrum of applications including blood processing, fuel cells and thermal management among many others. Typical arrays are based on a flat laminated architecture produced in a vacuum hot press (VHP) through uniaxial bonding pressure at elevated temperatures. Due to the cylindrical nature of certain microchannel applications, such as chemical processing within chemical facilities and heat rejection within Stirling cycle engines, the packaging of microchannel devices within cylindrical geometries would greatly simplify interconnect. This paper describes the development of a novel technique for axisymmetric diffusion bonding pressure application with the use of a VHP capable of producing cylindrical laminated devices. Uniaxial bonding pressure is converted to axisymmetric pressure through the use of conical wedges. Pressure magnitude and distribution are controlled by the geometry of the pressure delivery platens, the design of which was aided by finite element analysis. Cylindrical test articles were produced by patterning thin metal foils by laser machining a single roll of metal shim stock, which was then coiled within an outer tube shell and axisymmetrically bonded with the VHP to produce a cylindrical laminated workpiece. Preliminary bonding results show quality bond lines with minimal void fractions. This new architecture is shown to be feasible for producing cylindrical laminated devices by microlamination using traditional VHP equipment.

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