The paper is presented a dynamic installation used for determination the elastic characteristics of gypsum materials, such as elasticity modulus-E, rigidity modulus-G, etc. This dynamic installation is composed from: mechanical device for application of axial force, cylindrical gypsum samples on which are fixed 2 strain gages, 2 bridges circuit type “Switch & Balance Unite SB-10 with digital Strain Indicator-P3500, A/D board and PC. As the samples are used two cylinders with differently gypsum compositions: gypsum of dressing and light orthopedic corsets, and from gypsum with sonic absorbent and thermal isolator properties. The acquisition and the interpretation of data with MATLAB program is realized, by used two original programs: “Daquest-2m” for acquisition data, and “Evaluation-1m” for calculation and plot diagram of shock wave time. By determination of shock propagation time passing through the gypsum sample can be calculated the wave velocity and the elasticity modulus of gypsum tested. For building materials on base of gypsum with special applications in medicine, and panels with sonic absorbent and thermal isolator properties are demand to determine the elastic characteristics to enhance the manufacturing process and usefully.

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