Tube hydroforming (THF) is a technology that guarantees a high final part quality and low manufacturing time and costs with respect to traditional manufacturing processes. In particular it receives much interests in complex shape tubular components forming such as in the automotive industry. The process consists of a tube placed in a die and filled with a pressurized media which expands the tube till it reaches the desired geometry. The material formability is influenced by the high friction acting between the pressurized tube and the die which does not allow enough material flowing during the process. In the present work, a Y-joint hydroforming FEM model was developed on the base of previously conducted experiments to study the effects of asymmetric friction conditions in the tube feeding zones. The model was validated and then used to study the process. In particular, it was used to simulate a Y-Joint hydroforming process using a full shaped die and evaluating the improvement on the process when asymmetric feeding lengths are adopted.

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