Hot forming of ultra high strength steel is an advanced forming technique which can not only represent the best solution to increasing the strength-to-mass ratio of sheet components, but also meet the need of higher passive safety and weight reduction. Based on independently developed mass production line of hot forming, its key forming and quenching technique and relative equipments are proposed and described, including multi-step and one-step method, die manufacturing with cooling system, continuous heating furnace and integrated manufacturing system composed of the advanced interdisciplinary technology of machining, electronic control, material and chemical engineering. Then the automobile body components are produced by the developed equipments of hot forming and moreover their mechanical properties are investigated. The typical tensile curve of the quenched components shows that the yield stress of the hot forming component is over 1000MPa, and the strength limitation is over 1600MPa. The three-point bending testing of the part is implemented. These experimental results indicate the validity of the developed technique and equipments.

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