Fabrication of microelectrodes with different shape has become so important due to the high demand of industrial products not only with diversified shape but also of reduced dimension. However, to date, fabrication of different shapes in single setup is not possible and also need special indexing attachment. To solve this problem, in this study, a specially designed block containing three V slot of 60° 90° 120° has been designed and fabricated using wire cut machine to facilitate the fabrication of different shape micro-electrode. Then, with the help of block electro discharge machining method using this specially designed block, the feasibility of fabrication of microelectrodes with symmetrical and non-symmetrical section e.g. conical tool of angle 60° 90° 120°, rectangular, triangular, circular and semicircular tool from commercially available polycrystalline diamond rod has been investigated. As the size of electrode is of micron scale, multi-pass machining strategy has been taken to reduce the volumetric material removal, and thus to diminish the possible electrode breakage, which is especially significant. Finally, this strategy of using specially designed block has been found to be feasible for producing microelectrodes of various symmetrical and non-symmetrical sections down to few microns. In addition to this, the capabilities of these fabricated tools have been depicted by recommending few applications on both conductive and nonconductive material.

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