Micro/nano-technology has made tremendous impact in all science and engineering fields in last decades. While review papers on meso/micro/nano manufacturing systems and processes have been published recently, there still lacks a review on how micro/nano technology has been applied to advance fundamental understanding and to enhance practice for manufacturing systems and processes. This paper is not concerned about the advances in meso/micro/nano manufacturing processes and systems themselves, but focuses on their impact on manufacturing applications. This paper presents the state-of-art of the advances on various aspects of how micro/nano technology impacts macro manufacturing systems/processes. Due to the time and space limit, this paper particularly reviews the topics as follows, 1. Micro/nano sensor applications in manufacturing (by Toshiyuki Obikawa and Xiaochun Li), 2. Micro/nano metrology for manufacturing applications (by M.T Postek), 3. Design and manufacturing of micro patterned arrays over macro-scale areas (by David Dornfeld), 4. Functionlized nanodiamonds and applications (by Jack Zhou), 5. Computational simulations at nanoscale for machining (By Ranga Komanduri), 6. Machining surface integrity and multiscale simulation (by C. Richard Liu, Jing Shi, Yuebin Guo, and Xiaoping Yang), and 7. Simulation for forming of parts with micro features (by Jian Cao).

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