Novel methodology of laser sintering of mixture of mixture of bio-ceramics and metallic nanoparticles on metallic implants is introduced in current work. Feasibility of this method is demonstrated using a multiphysics numerical simulation. Treating laser beam as electromagnetic (EM) wave, EM module is coupled with heat transfer (HT) module. The EMHT scheme analyzes the interaction between laser-nanoparticles which ends up with temperature raise within the sample. As a demonstration, HAp and Ti nanoparticles are employed to be sintered on titanium substrate. Processing parameters such as laser power, beam radius, scan speed, and layer thickness are studied, and correlation between these parameters and final temperature is presented. Effects of mixing ratio and nanoparticle size are also examined. Considering effects of mixing ratios and particle sizes, the following coating scheme is proposed for future experiments: varying HAp concentration from 100% to 0% at 10% intervals from coating surface to coating/substrate interface, and meanwhile, varying particle diameters from 500 nm to 100 nm at 100 nm intervals.

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