The paper has presented the reduced structure of horizontal centrifugal casting mechanism by high frequency current of bimetallic bushes from steel-bronze, with a chemical stability treatment of borderline alloy layer. This stabilizer borderline layer at interference of inner cylindrical surfaces from steel and external surfaces from bronze, has achieved by adding into filler metal of Cu-Sn a supplier non-ferrous metal added, with great specific weight and low melting point as Cu-Sn alloy, for example Sn with contents of 1% from Cu-Sn alloy. At high temperature and pressure, Sn is forming with Fe from steel mass of bimetallic bearing an inter-metallic compound FeSn2, which reactions with Cu-Sn alloy due to a stable metallic connection. The experimental tests have realized at Machine Tools ‘Infratirea’ Co from Oradea, achieved bimetallic bearings of steel-bronze, with a good physical and thermal stability and well adhesion between antifriction steel with bronze.

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