The importance of mechatronics is evidenced by the myriad smart products that we take for granted in our daily lives, from the wall climbing robots to advanced flight control systems and multifunctional precision machines. The multidisciplinary mechatronic field offers optimum solutions to a multivariable problem. The technological advances in digital engineering, simulation and modeling, electromechanical motion devices, power electronics, computers and informatics, MEMS, microprocessors and DSPs have brought new challenges to industry and academia. Modeling, simulation, analysis, virtual prototyping and visualization are critical aspects of developing advanced mechatronic products. Competing in a global market requires the adaptation of modern technology to yield flexible, multifunctional products that are better, cheaper and intelligent. This presentation will examine recent advances of mechatronics in smart manufacturing and will examine (a) Development and implementation of original and innovative mechatronic systems, (b) Additional modifications and improvements to conventional designs by using a mechatronics approach.

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