On-site power generation in industrial plants are desirable, however, this may not contribute as a significant source of pollution to the environment. In order to lower the potential impact on the environment in terms of less toxic emissions, to save useless cost and the sustainability, manufacturer’s responsibilities become more than end-of-pipe control and includes end-of-life management. Green manufacturing is the method that minimizes waste and pollution achieved through product and process life cycle design. The cradle to grave analysis in green manufacturing system provides the complete analysis in every aspect of the sustainable manufacturing system for policy makers to take decisions. In this paper the renewable source of alternate energy manufacturing system has been analyzed for production of power. The renewable energy from hydrogen and (green gas synthetic natural gas) for generation of electricity focusing large stationary application set up has been studied. A prototype model has been developed in order to draw analogy for establishing future Industrial power parks of mega energy productions in order to meet the peak load requirements of the electricity consumption. The results has been analyzed and comparison have also been made for the purpose to apply green industrial manufacturing process in renewable energy sector as much as possible for reducing waste and with zero potential environmental burden on our Eco-system.

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