In this paper we describe a top down nano-fabrication method to make single-digit nanoholes that we aim to use for DNA and RNA characterization. There are three major steps towards the fabrication of a single-digit nanohole. 1) Preparing the freestanding thin film by epitaxial deposition and electrochemical etching. 2) Making sub-micro holes (0.2 μm to 0.02μm) by focused ion beam (FIB), electron beam (EB), atomic force microscope (AFM), or other methods. 3) Reducing the hole to less than 10 nm by epitaxial deposition, FIB or EB induced deposition. One specific aim for this paper is to model, simulate and control the focused ion beam machining process to fabricate holes which can reach single-digit nanometer scale on solid-state thin films. Preliminary work has been done on the thin film (30 nm in thickness) preparation, sub-micron hole fabrication, and ion beam induced deposition, and results are presented.

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