Robotics is a technology that is utilized tremendously in Industrial and Commercial Applications. Different types of robotic arms are used to fulfill the industrial needs. The aim of the work presented in this paper is to give a visual simulation of the robotic arm (Aristo Robot – 6 DOF) which can be used with offline robotic programming thereby introducing the language to the user and creating a training package for the user. This software also reduces the time as programming can be done offline. The pick and place robotic arm comprises of 6 links, which each of them has one degree of freedom (DOF) with a payload capacity of 3 kg is used for visual simulation. The main objective is to design a three dimensional graphic of a robotic arm and its movement animation that imitates the movement of actual robotic arm. The graphic design is then used as a foundation to find its limits of reach in the surrounding. Also the analysis of workspace is done to understand its workspace volume properly.

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