Magnesium, the lightest structural metal, is of significance to improve energy efficiency in various applications. Mg/SiC nanocomposites were successfully fabricated by ultrasonic cavitation based dispersion of SiC nanoparticles in Mg melts. As compared to pure magnesium, the mechanical properties including tensile strength and yield strength of the Mg/SiC nanocomposites were improved significantly, while the good ductility of pure Mg casting was retained. The grain size of the pure magnesium was refined when SiC nanoparticles were added. In the microstructure of Mg/SiC nanocomposites, there are still quite some SiC clusters, but in the areas free of large clusters, the SiC nanoparticles were dispersed very well. TEM study of the interface between SiC nanoparticles and magnesium matrix indicates a good bonding, but no chemical reaction between SiC nanoparticles and magnesium matrix.

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