Non-traditional process like wire electro-discharge machining (WEDM) is found to show a promise for machining metal matrix composites (MMCs). However, the machining information for the difficult-to-machine particle-reinforced material is inadequate. This paper is focused on experimental investigation to examine the effect of electrical as well as non-electrical machining parameters on performance in wire electro-discharge machining of metal matrix composites (Al/SiCp). Taguchi orthogonal arrays were employed to study the effects of combinations of voltage, current, pulse on-time, off-time, and wire speed and wire tension on kerf width and cutting speed. Voltage, current, and on-time were found to have significant effect on cutting speed and kerf width. The optimum machining parameter combinations were obtained for cutting speed and kerf width separately. Further, multi-objective optimization was done using Taguchi-Grey relational analysis. The process has been improved with the aid of Grey relational analysis and Taguchi orthogonal array. The results have been verified with confirmation experiments.

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