The paper presents a methodology for the establishment of the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) material criticality that is focused on the Industrial Unplanned Maintenance needs. The thus obtained criticality is used to rationalize the efficiency of the Plant MRO-material Inventory. Through an appropriately adapted Top-Down FMECA (Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis) the concept of the Component Dynamic Criticality is introduced and calculated for all the functional components of an industrial production facility. The components are assigned with characteristic code numbers. MRO-material Inventory control is then carried out within the frame of the developed Decision Support System. A case study demonstrates the method. The use of the developed Decision Support System considerably increases not only the efficiency of the Plant MRO-Material Inventory and control of the Unplanned Maintenance Downtime, but also its continuously updated and highly constructive System Dynamic Database of Component Failure Modes and their Effects benefits the Conventional Maintenance Schemes, e.g. Scheduled and/or Predictive Maintenance, as well. MRO-Material Inventory control for rational Unplanned Maintenance Downtime has not been addressed to this date in a systematic way. By addressing this issue the present approach contributes to an increased availability of industrial production facilities and to a better performance of CMMS and/or ERP tools.

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