Ubiquitous computing is a new emerging computing style which adapts various computing devices throughout our living and working spaces. These devices include mobile devices (such as PDAs, smartphones), traditional desktop, smart-board and so on. Mobile devices coordinate with each other and network services seamlessly, yet they are often inactive and even when in use they are most of the time disconnected from the network, which severely limits their use for ubiquitous interaction with the environment’s entities. In this paper we study the integration of Collaborative Mobile Environment (CoMoE) and interactive devices such as smart-board to overcome the pervious problems. The focus of this work is on the development of the integration architectural framework. This architectural framework is based on Coordinated Intelligent Rational Agent (CIR-Agent) model, which supports sophisticated real-time interaction among agents. Also we discuss the notion of personal assistant agents that allows the physical integration and interoperability of entities in an environment and in the same time provides assistance in achieving user’s goals.

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