Drilling a micro hole with an aspect ratio above 10 is a challenging task for any-micromachining process. In micro electro discharge machining (micro EDM), a proven metallic micromachining process, this is due to the problems associated with debris removal. In such cases, where the capabilities of existing macro machining methods are constantly being challenged, innovative micro manufacturing approaches are required to make progress. Hybrid micromachining is one such approach in which the synergy of constituent processes is exploited to achieve desired results. In this paper, the results of ultrasonic vibration assisted micro electro discharge machining process are presented. This hybrid process is capable of deep hole drilling with aspect ratio of 20 in austenitic stainless steel by overcoming the limitations in the debris removal faced in the typical micro EDM process. Other benefits of ultrasonic vibration are the savings in machining time, and less tool wear. It is also noticed that the ultrasonic vibration causes some shape distortion and produces rougher machined surface.

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