There is a growing demand for industrial products with not only increased number of functions, but also of reduced dimensions, higher dimensional accuracy and better surface finish. Micro/nano-machining is the most promising technology for the production of such miniaturized parts and components. Components for MEMS are basically produced using processes from semiconductor technology which impels the fabrication process to be limited to a few semiconductor materials like silicon and their compounds, or requires expensive facilities. Hybrid micromachining processes that combine conventional and non-conventional micromachining have the capability to fabricate high-aspect ratio microstructures with paramount dimensional accuracy. In order to achieve meaningful implementation of micro/nano machining techniques, our research efforts seek to address three important areas; namely (a) development of machine tool capable of hybrid micromachining, (b) process control and (c) process development to achieve necessary accuracy and quality. An integrated effort in these areas has resulted in successful fabrication of micro structures that is able to meet the miniaturization demands of the industry. This paper presents a few tool-based approaches integrating micro-EDM, micro EDG, micro-turning and micro-grinding to produce miniature components. This paper also describes the features and aspects of miniaturized multi-process machine tool that provides the capability of hybrid micromachining.

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