Laser dynamic forming (LDF) is a unique hybrid forming process, combining the advantages of laser shock peening, laser forming and metal forming, with an ultra high strain rate forming utilizing laser shock waves. In this paper, a hybrid forming technique based on laser dynamic forming will be demonstrated. The feasibility of laser dynamic forming will be discussed through experiments. The mechanical and microstructure of the formed 3D structures will be characterized. The grain microstructure and misorientation will be investigated quantitatively with Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). The residual stress distributions are measured using X-ray diffraction. We will describe the important factors that lead to improved micro-formability at high strain rate induced by high shock pressure. It is concluded that with further development, this may be an important microforming technology for various materials. LDF has great potential for meso-, micro- and nano scale forming since the laser provides high precision, highly-localized heating intensity, high repeatability, fast setup and superb flexibility.

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